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Originally Posted by Jedi_Man View Post
"Okay, well, thanks anyways. I'll be here, killing the undead. " Sam said. He hung up and drove for a while longer, until he made it to a village.
Noone was here, excluding an old Babushka. Stepping out, he asked for directions in his Russian. She did nothing but snarl at him, then lunged at him, smashing her fist into Sam's face.
Sam returned the favor with a knife. Then the village came out, they were all the same. He wouldn't be surprised if this was the picture all over Russia.

Xero Wolf:
He runs to the edge of the woods and comes across a village where he sees the inhabitants gathering in the middle.

"I wonder if this suit has a diagnostic setting to help me see whats going on at a distance." said Xero to himself.

"Voice activation accepted: Running diagnostic. Sir, it appears that all but one of the current inhabitants are infected." said a female voice inside the suit.

"Whoa, can you understand me? What are you?" said Xero talking back to the suit.

"I am a Artificial Inetelligence Recon Armor, but you may AIRA." said the suit.

"You know my father never had much imagination when it came to naming." said Xero to the suit.

"what do you mean, sir?" asked AIRA.

"He named me Xero, hows that for imagination, replace the "Z" in Zero and plance an "X" in its place. Real imaginative." he replied.

"Sir, the infected are moving in on the survivor!" alarmed AIRA, "His odds of survival are calculated to be up to 60% judging from his stature, skill at hand-to-hand combat but eventually he will tire out."

"What if I helped?" asked Xero.

"Recalculating: The odds of survival are boosted, but after doing a thorough scan of the area there seems to have been an increase of infected, some of which are very large in size and have dropped your odds to now 40%." said AIRA.

"Then you underestimate him and myself. I'm going over to help." said Xero as he begins to run toward the village.

"I just want you to know that you may not survive if you do this." said AIRA.

"Duely noted." said Xero.

He runs as fast as he can and draws his sword. Nearing the village, he jumps up higher than any normal human-being, his trench coat flutters loudly in midair, then he lands on an infected and surfs the body through the croud while slicing up the others around him. Then, when he starts to lose momentum, he jumps back into the air and land next to the survivor; cracking the ground as be makes his landing.

Finally...a survivor. "Xero Wolf: at your service, stranger." he said to the survivor.
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