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Maybe it could work but can't think how it would.
If we were fighting for the galaxy (not just one map) we would need someone to place how many troops and vehicles to each place where our forces are under attack the most or which planets your are trying to take control of.

But on a single map the only other time you can spawn in other then a command post is if there is some vehicle large enough to carry troops.
If you think a certain place needs attacked, move the vehicle there.

You could have a commander telling the troops which targets on the map need to be taken out or maybe where some plans are that need to be stolen.
Maybe he could see a overhead of the battle and could tell the players what is coming there way or how to avoid things to get somewhere.

If a flag or something could be carried from planet to planet and a player spawns in a map, maybe the commander there could let you know that your mission is to get that flag and this is the safest path.

Most of this of course requires very large maps and even moving from land to space and back.

I don't think trying to move troops would work except maybe in single player.
Forces can get scattered real easy, might just be better to tell them where they need to go.
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