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Originally Posted by jott View Post
removing some of the "Throopweed" variations
Agreed. It won't hurt at all if we keep just those which actually have a sample. Unless someone spends all day talking to the lookout, he won't notice the difference for sure.
maybe add logic to the sword fighting scenes that the proper response sample is chosen, ...)
I could live without the sample variations, but if someone wants to write the scripts for this.
Finally the installer has to be finished to reduce the need of technical skills. I'm not sure how Espiox is coming forward with that.
Ideally that would be like the MI speech project, except that instead of a monster.so3, there will be a tool which extracts, encodes and assembles the SE samples to a monster.so3/sog/sof. This tool should have an input file telling the samples order, so that the user don't need scrummtr too.

For beta testers:
Right now, anyone is welcome to test the game with split dialog and check if there isn't anything broken. You currently need quite a lot tools for this to get this far, since there is no convenient installer yet.
Use the latest patch and the dialog splitter tool versions last posted by cocomonk22.
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