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^^^Watch the initial preview of the sith invasion again. This time pay attention: If you look carefully at the statues outside the Jedi Temple on coruscant, the one on the right bears a resemblance to Revan. We're left to assume that the similar one on the left is The Exile.

Also, the symbolism: as that Sith badass is leaving the Temple going up in flames, the two statues are crumbling. Right there that *possibly* implies the fate of our beloved two.

Originally Posted by Lord Spitfire View Post
Here is my hypothesis:

Revan and the Exile go into the Unknown regions, and make a huge dent in the Sith's plans, considering they delayed their attack by 300 years.
That's the theory, anyways. And a popular one at that.

Meanwhile, the Exile's crew members rebuild the Jedi Order, and Carth Onasi rebuilds the Republic Military on a stronger foundation.
Telos and Onderon are restored to their former glory, due to the actions of the exile.
Given, but yes.

Canderous Ordo rebuilds the Mandalorian, and they are once again a force, yet nowhere near as strong as they were under Mandalore the Ultimate, but at least they are no longer rogue bandits; they are united again. However, Revan's orders to Canderous are forgotten through the generations and the Mandalorians once again resume their badass selfishness.
Also, do not forget what Mandalore basically said if you choose to take him to the Sith Tomb on Dxun: The mandalorians may not have any great love for the repubic, however he knew how badly they came off joining the sith during Exar Kun's whole deal. So would that not imply that along the way, corruption occurred aside from forgetting their own history's important lessons? Just something to consider...

Originally Posted by Darth Manus View Post
If they just wipe Revan and the Exile off the storyline, then it's going to suck balls. After all they've been through, all the battles they fought, the influence they had in their time, it would be incredibly lame to just have them suddenly disappear without a trace and never be heard from again.
I agree. So that begs a question: Why would they do that? What good reason would there be from both storyline AND fanbase perspectives?
There is not good reason if you think about it--too risky and moreover just not smart. Wouldn't you agree?

Personally I think they will have moved to distant memory and only be relevant now in terms of galactic history. However, that is pure speculation.

Originally Posted by Master Shake View Post
Revan and the Exile are the storyline.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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