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Juno waited on the transport so everyone would strap in. Once they had done so the transport docked inside the Altaria and went full speed towards Korealis.

"We are to provide support to everyone on the labs and stop any force that tries to take the artifacts inside. Remember hostages have priority", Juno said and looked towards Reina. "We might need your help, for now we'll just make you a federation temporary agent, follow Wolf and Akira very closely".


Kreik looked over at Kai and smirked.

"Was that supposed to impress me? I could practicaly blocked that with my pinky", Kreik said as he began charging up his attack. His body was giving off an infernal aura, pure darkness, the kind that felt like your soul would leave your body by simply looking at it.

"Hope your ready for this, don't disappoint me", Kreik said. "Demonic Blaze!"

A pentagram was formed in the sky and several arrow shaped orbs began to rain from it giving off the same kind of aura that Kreik was.

"Watch it, since it's poison. It weakens your linker core, you know what it is right? That part of you that allows you to fuel the magic", Kreik said.


Pandora looked over at Illya and grinned.

"That kind of blast won't have any effect on me. You got anything else?", Pandora asked her with clear sarcasm in her voice.

Illya took a step back.

"It's that time then... Buster form", Illya said and her device confirmed.

"Buster three!", Illya said and 4 device clones appeared over her.

"Holy Light...", Illya said as she prepared it. Pandora simply smirked and launched herself towards her but she was suddenly stopped. Pandora realized at that moment that it wasn't because she was binded. Her body simply would not move.

I won't let you hurt Illya, Pandora heard in her head, it was Shana now that had joined the battle.

Why do you do this? Why do you resist? These people will turn their backs on you, just like they did to me. Nothing is left in the multiverse but death to all who oppose us, Pandora said in her head.

I don't know your story, but killing innocents is not the way. Even if you seek revenge, aren't you turning into exactly what you are fighting against? What's the point if you loose yourself?, Shana said.

But... I... I didn't want this... I didn't want to be evil... but I just don't know any other way, Pandora said.

Then let me help you, allow me to help you, we can do this, together, Shana replied.

How can I know I can trust you?, Pandora asked.

Have a little faith ok?, Shana said and Pandora grinned, her expression softened when doing this.

Alright, you have my trust, and my power will add to yours as unison, Pandora said.

And I welcome it, Shana said.

"Buster!", Illya said effectively hitting Pandora and sending her flying back. Illya stood there for a moment and ran over to find Shana's body on the ground, her form once again her own. Illya took her in her arms and lifted her.

Kai, Shana is safe, I'll be there to help you in a moment, Illya said in her head so Kai would hear.

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