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Originally Posted by LogicDeLuxe View Post
I think he meant the variations on Guybrush' lines.
Exactly. And I agree that it's not as burning as the other problems but would be nice to have.

Originally Posted by LogicDeLuxe View Post
Ideally that would be like the MI speech project, except that instead of a monster.so3, there will be a tool which extracts, encodes and assembles the SE samples to a monster.so3/sog/sof. This tool should have an input file telling the samples order, so that the user don't need scrummtr too.
Well if it is (legally) possible to redistribute a full patch that includes all current changes there will indeed not be much left to do. The mapping for the mkspeech can be dumped from the current automatic association based on the scummtr output.
As we touch every line of speech I am not quite sure how the legal point in redistributing a patch is (as it will include nearly all of the text lines) so using scummtr is less problematic for that matter.
On the other hand the installer could easily be bundled with all the necessary tools and just call them properly. I sent Espiox a rough script as a starting point for just that about a week ago.
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