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(( Ma ping. I don't think you were supposed to get here this fast. I thought you were heading there with Shana's crew. And I'd like it if you stayed out of this battle."

"Was that supposed to impress me? I could practicaly blocked that with my pinky"

Kai narrowed his eyes and growled deep in his throat. His pendant began to flash rapidly.

"I won't let you hurt...some of the people that I've started to care about so much...I don't know why I'm starting to care...but I am."

The pendant began to fuse with his arm and he shouted in pain as it fully merged.

His eyes turned a solid black color and his muscles expanded to ten times their normal mass as his hair turned silver and went down past his waist. A wave of Dark Magic covered him as he continued to transform.

"Demonic Blaze!"

The wave of magic that was covering Kai took the opportunity to blast out from his body in a shockwave that leveled everything within a mile of the battle and disipated the attack that was heading for him before it could hit.

Kreik was sent flying through the air and he slammed into the labratory walls and was being pushed hard enough against them he was leaving an imprint on the walls.

Kai grinned a demonic grin that sent shivers down Kreik's back.

And the next thing he knew Kai was right left to him. Attempting to pull his arms off.

Kai could hear the bones snapping in protest as he contined to pull as hard as he could.

Finally growing tired of the fun he was having, Kai simply grabbed him and threw him face first into the wall and then let his unmoving body hit the floor.

Out cold. Kill the other one

Kai, Shana is safe, I'll be there to help you in a moment.

One down. Kill it when you see it. Going after the other one. Kai transmited back.

He ran into the Labratory after the other one.

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