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My name is Frog. I am fourteen years old and currently attending high school. I have yellow skin, yellow eyes, I'm 4" (yea I'm short), blah blah blah... I'm bored. You're bored. Moving on...

I'm a very determined and committed person. Once I put my mind to something, I will make sure I accomplish it. My biggest fear is failure, and I give 110% to everything. Sometimes the goals I set for myself tend to be too high. Half the things that come out of my mouth involve sarcasm to some degree. I'm a pretty giggly person. I like to laugh, I like to have fun. I have the best friends in the world. I live life to the fullest.

I'm a night person but I prefer to shower in the morning. I guess you could say I'm random. Fly-eating is a passion; but I don't quite know if it's a talent.

I guess I'm semi-athletic. I like to constantly flex my legs. I'm very easily annoyed. Speaking of annoying things...

Siblings. I have one sister. One Evil. Canniving. Annoying. thing of a sister. I would prefer to not go into detail. I live with two parents, a mom and a dad. We live in a house, in the swamp. Your typical family.

I wish my life would have more adventure. Nothing happens here in the suburbs. I am an opionated person; if I don't agree with you, I will surely spark a debate. Gay marriage? Love it. I don't care if marriage is traditionally between a man and woman; it should be between two people who love each other.

That basically sums up who I am. I'm random, fun, and I live to prove people wrong. I break all stereotypes, trust me.

Get to know me, you won't regret it.(;

Oh and in case you haven't noticed, I am a girl..just to clear things up. There's always one strange individual out there who thinks I'm a guy.

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