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((Alright, This is Karela after her capture.))

Name: Karela

Age: 16

Appearance: Wears a black Arashi robe that covers her entire body with a special face mask that keeps people from identifying her.

Personality: Her personality has undergone a complete reversal. She is now extremley bitter and Dark with only a trace amount of dark humor.

Rank Arashi Captain

Weapons/Equipment: Arashi style Kunai knives, a pouch where she keeps her explosives.

Nature Type: Earth/wind/Fire


- Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu
- Earth Barrier Jutsu
- Earth Coffin Jutsu
- Kunai Hurricane
- Twin flaming Dragons Jutsu
- Pheonix fireball Jutsu
- Grand fireball jutsu
- Unknown summoning jutsu. ((It's a suprise.))

Background: After Karela's capture by the Arashi she was tortured for information and her Beast was sealed so she couldn't access it by accident. She was tortured until she finally broke and the Arashi began to rewrite her memories to show the Hidden leaf as a corrupt village bent on destroying the Arashi who are shown as defenders of Nature.

After her torture Karela was reborn so to speak. She is now much faster then she was originally and her strength has been greatly enhanced. Using Arashi techniques, she taught herself a third element so now she can use Fire-based Jutsu. Her physical strength has been enhanced and she is now on the same level as Tsunade and Sakura.

Karela is hellbent on destroying Konoha and the Nara and Hyuga clans in particular.

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