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leaked footage speculation

I suppose there are already threads just like this one, but here it goes.
I'm assuming you have all seen this but here's a link:

I want to discuss a few things I picked up watching this video.

1.the layout: Presumably the health and stamina/ammo is still in the bottom left corner, but now with addition of a small silhouette of you character which drains out when you are hit, ship, etc.
In the top center of the screen there are still the reinforcement count and faction symbols.
The map is moved to the bottom right form the top. And it's changed to more of a crisp digital style. and there is no map when you are flying.

2. the clone troopers: the armor in BF2 looked very thin and badly textured, The clones in BF3 looked outstanding, the armor was rounded and textured differently than the body suit underneath.

3.The animations: There seemed to be a great deal of effort put into running, walking, swaying, etc. it looks a lot more fluid than BF2

4.The blasters: they looked much fuller and shapely than in BF2 they hold a lot more weight than before.

5.The ships: the starships looked slower and more controlled when they had to be, it looks like they actually had game play mechanics for them this time around.

6. cut scenes: there were actual cinematic cut scenes that looked gorgeous, these show for more of a story driven game.

7. obi-wan: in the amazing sword duel, it looked like obi-wan with his lightsaber and perhaps a clone of him in clone armor. He looked the same and fought very well.

Tell what you guys think

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