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So is the general consensus that Palpatine would own Starkiller in any fight and that he was just playing with Galen when he was defeated? When I was playing the game, I seriously thought that Palpatine was down. I guess I could ask the same question about the Windu battle. Was Palpatine pretending, or was Windu seriously overpowering him? It's so confusing because I know that feigning defeat is a major part of his conversion tactics.

Anyway, I thought that Marek was the real deal after he defeated Palpatine in my first play through. Now, though, I'm not so sure.

The situation parallels Palpatine's attempt to convert Luke exactly, except for the fact that Luke didn't have to actually fight him first.

One thing that the Luke episode proves, though, is that Starkiller would own Luke any day. They both defeated Vader and refused the Emperor's offer to go to the dark side. When the Emperor tried to eliminate them, Luke just took the lightning and ended up in a wheelchair. Marek, on the other hand, actually reflected the lightning like Yoda.

I just keep wondering what would have happened if there were no stormtroopers rushing in. How much longer could Marek have kept it up? Was he going to die anyway, or could he have kept fighting?
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