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"I have a plan." said Xero.

He pulled out his sword and ran at the brute. The brute charged at him roaring loudly. Xero jumped into the air as the brute swung at him, and stabbed it in the shoulder. Xero rode the creature, while trying to reload his gun. It thrashed back and forward trying to get him off. He shot the creature in the back of the head. As it was falling Xero jumped off holding his sword backwards, gun smoking, and blood dripped into the snow from the sword. He twirled his gun and holstered it.

He walked back toward the jeep twirling his sword to clean the blade of blood.
Shortly after he met Sam at the jeep he retracted his helmet to reveal his face.

"Nice guns. Got any .50 Cal Sniper Rifles?" asked Xero sliding his sword into its sheath.
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