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I think I found something new!!!

Does anyone else know about the hidden rebel pilot guy in Defection at Corellia? If you roam around the city and start blowing up buildings one of the buildings has a rebel pilot in it. The exact building is in the city patch where the upgrade is, on the side farthest from the shore you will see a tall skinny building, there are only 3 tall skinny buildings in this patch of city so its the only tall narrow opposite the shore, blow that one up and the pilot comes out, (you can also just blow up every building if you cant find it.)
The pilot will proceed to walk up a hill near by and then just walk around in circles a top the hill. I tried many time to kill him but he wont die.
I know its in the N64 version I do not know about the PC, but does any one know why this is there other than an irrelevant easter egg?

I can provide a picture if you need help finding it.
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