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"It's bad"

Smith gave the Russian a look that said quite plainly "duh!" before getting out of the seat he'd migrated towards during the phone call. "Well, you're going to be searching for some of the scientists? If you need an extra gun, I'm in... I figure I can get my company to pay my expenses or, failing that, I can just become a free agent again."

Smith looked at Doc Wilson, "you know, Vlad, we have an advantage right here. Doc Wilson here is one of the scientists who was involved in the project, I'm willing to be he was a major part of it too considering the neat abilities he's discovered he has... We could pick his brain for some of the history of the project and then use what you know to reconstruct a list of doctors involved. If you know where the original lab was and if it's still standing we could also raid the place to see if there was anything remaining that we could use.... and if there's anybody from the project who's still alive that would know we could always.... persuade them...."

Smith looked up from his hands. "If any case, we've got to get our asses moving before the zombies decide that this would make a good target, cause my guess would be that they're going to be crawling out of the woodwork pretty damn soon....." he looked at Shayla. "And we've got to make sure that Shayla doesn't get the Real-Estate deal, I'd rather not have to deal with an enraged Atrianna without Larson in range to redirect her anger." Smith grinned, weakly, talking about kids dying was a sure way to depress anybody.

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