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Originally Posted by shukkoku View Post
giving different abilities to different classes like that would imbalance them greatly, balancing should be done through weapons and strengths, not the ability to climb or melee.

the upper hand is won through know which weapons have the greater strength in your situation or knowing you have more backup.
It could be either or. Not all battles are won by who has the bigger or better gun. If you can swim or climb or use a knife or a sword this could help you greatly in combat in the right places. But if your out in the middle of a field or in a long hallway that gun would be my first choice.

And if I'm a Gungan and a Jedi is chasing me, I'm going for the bottom of the lake.

I know there will a imbalance if you have a guy that can use the surroundings better then the other guy.
But like any game you have to spend time on balancing things out.
I doubt star craft had it all right when it first came out.
That is why they need to continue to support the game after it comes out.
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