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Question Level up Glitch [TSL]

Hello, I just wanted to ask before trying and seriously busting my game.
In TSL (as you may know) there are a series of glitches which allow you to upgrade your stats up to 25 (and that's the bare minimum of the possibilities) in Peragus, however you need to force the game into leveling up your main character as a second class (for example: you begin as a jedi guardian, perform the glitch and you end up being a jedi guardian lvl 2; jedi consular lvl 1)
Well, the point is, I know how to do this, however I've never managed to understand the problem it leads to when you level up to a prestige class, as the only way to fix this is through a glicth called "The pure breed".
My question:
¿What would be the best way to perform the "pure breed" glitch before reaching level 15 when you begin as a jedi guardian?

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