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Originally Posted by shukkoku View Post
In SWBF2 there wasn't much work put into H.U.D. If you look at a game like rep. commando the H.U.D is bright and helpful, displaying enemies, cover, friendlies, objectives, etc. The only thing the BF2 H.U.D really showed was health, stamina and ammo. Not very exciting.
I think that the H.U.D in SWBF3 should actually display information.
What do you guys think?

Well, SWBF 1 and 2 is mainly 3rd person. I don't think that they did very well with 1st person in SWBF 1 and 2. Anyways, if you are looking through someone's eyes then you are seeing the screen in front of their face. In 3rd person it's like there is a camera attached to a kite which is attached to your person't back with a string. So it makes more sense for there to be little or no HUD in 3rd person than 1st person to me.

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