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Originally Posted by kingofsquid View Post
1. The Ravager is held together by Nihilius. It cannot be destroyed until he is dead.
2. The Hawk could stand up to TIEs, even a fleet. It is invincible (at least when I am shooting) and could easily pull an A-Wing on te bridge.

You can shoot down 144 TIE's and 200 Misc. Combat support ships? Before they even get a shot or two in???


No. It's a physical impossibility for a ship such as the Ebon Hawk -which while it may have been very fast in the KotOR Era I imagine that 4000+ years of innovations have rendered it useless- to dodge all the energy and weaponry that the Executor and it's supporting ships will be throwing at it.

Purifier: See my points if you're not convinced that the Executor would win, other than that it would be neat to watch... in a vaguely horrified way....

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