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I'm not done with all things I want to implement, but I think I have accumulated some changes big enough to release the 2nd test version of my MI-SE translation tool:

the update includes:
  • options for search and 2nd table (full or partial match, case sensitivity, ...)
  • ability to select multiple lines in main table and mark them as translated
  • ability to select multiple lines in 2nd table and copy the translation form the selected line of the main table into them
  • column widths are optimized on start up
  • empty lines are no longer shown (empty English text)

when you try the tool please let me know the following:
  • does it work at all? (what is your OS and Java version?)
  • how is the start-up time? [when using an already adapted]
  • how is the performance, do any actions hang or work slowly? (what are your CPU and other hardware specs?)
  • how good do you consider the usability? would you prefer any design changes?
  • what are your feature request for this tool or additional related tools?

upcoming features are: support for, some statistics, clean-up for the release of the source code, some mini-tools to e.g. copy languages around so you can start with an other one than English as your basis (for improvements on existing translations or maybe for "fun"-translations...).
Having written this I notice I don't have any to-dos for the GUI itself, so please let me know if you have any ideas. Feedback from actual translators would be very helpful for me, as well as encouraging.
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