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Originally Posted by katanamaru View Post
Great job again Mercenary! Really enjoyed this map the second time around.

Did you make the hard jump in the second level easier? I did it on my first try this time.

Are you going to continue this series or is this the end? Either way is fine since it was such a good mod.
I'm glad you enjoyed it. The NPC bug in the original was a good thing after all because it was worth going back and improving the mod and enhancing the whole experience.

Yeah I made the jump easier. I figured since people have their own way of jumping that has been reinforced with countless hours of gameplay it would be difficult for many to change.

The only way to continue the story would be to make a prequel perhaps showing what happened on Bespin. I don't kill off important SW characters so with that in mind you can figure out the end.

Now to clarify the title of the mod, which some people found confusing, it describes the day before the main character seeks to redeem himself for his failure to defeat Kyle Katarn which led to the eventual death of Desann and his plan to rule the galaxy. I wanted to simply call it "Redemption" but that was already in use in the EU.

Having said all that, I won't say never but I'm most likely done modding for JK2 or JA.

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