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"Sure," he said. "So you've been in seven 'life-or-death' situations in the psat year. But, do you know what these things are llike? I don't know how much your mother has told you about Chicago, but it was the scariest time of my life. It wasn't that we were being shot at, no, if we were bitten we would become one of them. Mindless, controlled, killers.

"I think I've talked about Chicago more in the past day than I have the rest of the past three years combined." He sighed. "I know that the Army feared that I would become a psychopath because of the effects of Chicago.... I was able to avoid the shrink, but just barely." He paused before realizing how this would probably sound to Shayla. "This isn't to scare you off from coming with us, but to tell you what it will be like. You're old enough to make you're own decisions, but I can't see you wanting to have a pair of forty-somethings and Doc Wilson for company." He caught Doc Wilsom making a rude gesture towards him and grinned in response.

"And, yes, Wilson. Picking your brain is asking you some very involved questions."

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