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I should go.
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"If any case, we've got to get our asses moving before the zombies decide that this would make a good target, cause my guess would be that they're going to be crawling out of the woodwork pretty damn soon....."

"Da. I'm waiting for Tovarisch Yuri to respond, with good news, like support from the Kremlin...which is doubtful, but my credability has tripled in value due to Chicago, so you never know. I'm surprised they haven't recalled me to Moscow yet..."

"And we've got to make sure that Shayla doesn't get the Real-Estate deal, I'd rather not have to deal with an enraged Atrianna without Larson in range to redirect her anger." Smith grinned, weakly, talking about kids dying was a sure way to depress anybody.

Vlad raised an eyebrow and had a confused look on his face.

"Real..Estate Deal? Uhhh..."

It took him a little to get their meaning, even if he had been speaking english often, and getting used to their customs, slang in general was hard to pick up for him.

"Oh yeah, of course, wouldn't want that to happen. She has enough people on her list to kill."

"For your information I've already been in nearly seven life or death situations in the past year."

Vlad listened carefully to what Smith said in response to that, and nodded in agreement with him.

"You have a lot of spirit, Shayla, like your mother...but what happens in battle, in war, or any form of combat, especially with the undead, can never really be explained and understood. This would be a good experience for you, if you wished to help in fighting these creatures. That, or it could be pretty boring for you young people. And Smith, it's just 4-0, not forty-something....don't remind me." Vlad chuckled after that last bit.

"And, yes, Wilson. Picking your brain is asking you some very involved questions."

"Actually, Wilson, we meant dissecting you," Vlad smiled after the sarcastic remark.

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