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Level Models

I'm working on a remake of Rogue Squadron the beginning of which you can find here:
If you're on a 64-bit Windows computer, maybe this one will work instead:
And if you're on a Mac, chances are you're still running Java 1.5, in which case it just won't work.

My game, when finished, will be compiled into a standalone Windows executable. If you do run it in its early applet form you'll notice what a bad model passes for Tatooine. If you're a modeler who could make me a model as rich in detail as the one in the original (the main problem with the original, in my opinion, is the low detail of the ships and the extremely small draw distance) I would appreciate it. For that matter, if any of you know of a converter between the original format and a popular 3d format, that would be equally helpful.
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