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No problem!
Biggest thx belongs to you for creating the "new" hair!
And of course to all those who managed to unpack the monkey1.pak and providing their programms to let us do the same.

Without you all I couldn't do anything!

When I encounter some sprites where I am not able to fit on your existing hair (because it's a different angle or somehting like that) I'll let you know. Maybe you can make the hair for those.
But so far I could make it^^

If uploaded all files I've changed so far here:

Simpley put the rar-file in the main game folder and unpack.
It should overwrite the dxt-files automatically because I've put the appropriate folder topology in the rar-file.

So you can at least see and test what you created!

For now it's walking, standing, talking, fighting, digging, sliding the cable, climbing ladders and throwing the poisended meat to the dogs.
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