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Originally Posted by Jedi_Man View Post
"Just a few Uzis, modified, MP5's, also modified, and this puppy..." Sam said, pulling out a Heckler & Koch submachine gun. "this is an MP7, 4.7x30mm, gas operated, rotating bolt, fully automatic, unless otherwise selected, nine-fifty rounds a minute, and a 40 round mag." Sam finished off, over exagerating his breath.
"I got two of these." Sam said, thinking of duel wielding mayhem.
"I'll take two MP5s." said Xero.

"I've gathered that there're zombies running around but what's exactly is going on? Where did they come from?" asked Xero.

Suddenly he fell to his knees holding his wounded shoulder from earlier.

"Sir my sensors indicate that you are infected on a large scale yet your mind and body seem to be unchanged i am scanning your body to see why." said AIRA.

"What's...happening? My...shoulder is burning!" he struggled to say in pain.
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