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Originally Posted by XenoGenesis View Post
1. When wearing the robe, the cutscene points to the waist of Revan, not the face/chest region as it should.
2. Like others pointed out, there seems to be an shader issue with the robe.
3. I'm guessing the cape is animated with bone weighting, but Malak's robe (and Revan's from the BINK videos) seems like it's flowing freely, especially apparent when they turn around or kneel on the floor. Any possible way to incorporate this method?
I'm working on #1, I'm not sure about #2, but I will look into it, and #3 isn't going to happen due to the nature of the animations. They can make the turning and such look like that because it's a video, in gameplay there is no 'turn' animation, so I cannot animate as such.

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