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"The Mandalorians have broken through the North gate, sir!" called one of the Junior officers to Captain Phoenix.

Arken slammed his fist at the planning table in front of him.
"Damn it! I want more defenses placed there. Where is the major?!?"

"Sir, if this assault keeps up, the Mandalorians will overrun Iziz in a day! We should run while we still live!"

"Lieutenant, you have good intentions, and I respect that. But don't you ever suggest cowardice as an option. I want an evacuation of civilians directly affected by the Mandalorian breach."

"Yes, sir!"

The lieutenant rushed out of the command center, pointing fingers at officers that are his junior.

Arken walked into one of the officers operating the command terminal.
"Try communications with the Major again."
The officer tapped some buttons, and static was heard.
"It still doesn't work sir."
"Try to contact Field Marshall Travis Venaron."

The officer tapped more buttons, and a holo of a man came out.
"This is Field Marshall Travis Venaron."
"Good morning sir, this is Captain Arken Phoenix, designation Bloodbringer. I'm the Commanding Officer here in Iziz."
The field marshall took a more firm stance.
"Captain! Status report."
"We are in dire need of reinforcements sir. Can we get an ETA?"
The field marshall tapped a few buttons on the terminal next to him.
"Negative on that request captain. Just hold on for as long as you can. Field Marshall Venaron, out."

The officer operating Captain Phoenix's terminal said, "Sir communications went dead."

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