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Originally Posted by Darth InSidious View Post
I've also done some work toward a more corroded skin, as per Pastrami's suggestion, although I don't feel it's worked very well so far.
I really the love the new model; it's definitely more, erm, intimidating, if not extremely authentic. Of course this is Star Wars, so historicity has never been the focal point in design.
What I mean is that, to get from A to B, there are multiple options open to you, and occasionally, certain actions will cause certain consequences. The upshot of all this is that it will not, I hope, be possible to play through all of the content in the mod in one run-through, which I think is very important.

Another thing you will be assaulted by in packs is skill and ability checks. These will actually serve a purpose, and there will, I hope, be no dialogues, at least in the main plot, which have redundant options (i.e., ones that lead to the same line). I make no promises that the lines will all be radically different; that is the aim, though.
I see that Alpha Protocol has had quite a considerable effect on the design.

Sounds great so far, though. :0
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