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Corrupted VOX0003.LAB file... new to forum

Hi to all you GF fans out there from a new member on this forum. Gnawbone is a town in Indiana, not what you might imagine! I bought the game about a year ago and have enjoyed playing off and on when I can find the time. I had some trouble installing on XP the first time using bgbennyboy's installer. But I played anyway into year two, then had to reinstall the game recently and had the same issue. The VOX0003.LAB file hangs on install and apparently just won't copy properly to the hard drive. I read on an older post that other people have had this problem and identified it as a cyclic redundancy check failure. I can see a couple of very small scratches on my disc A also. The file is not even showing as installed in the game folder. If there is anyone willing and able to send this file I would appreciate it very much. I have played into year three now and found what I expected to find which is freezing up of the game caused by the missing sound files. I have tried isobuster on the disc and still can't read it properly. Any input would be appreciated very much.
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