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Originally Posted by vadakin View Post
That doesn't quite work....I mean it does, but because the saves on a mac are in the Documents folder rather than the application folder, if you need to add items to your inventory, they don't always show up and there are a couple of other issues.

So the easiest way around it is to go to your Documents folder, find the "saves" folder and drag that into your KOTOR installation folder in Applications. Then run KSE and when locating the folder, click hard drive >applications>Knights..... and KSE will run exactly as it does on PC with all the same features.

Once you have modified your save, simply bring the "saves" folder from the installation folder in Applications back into the KOTOR folder in Documents.
That's... um... a very ugly way to go about it. :-)

Try creating a symbolic link in the terminal to the correct location:
sudo ln -s ~/Documents/SWKotOR/saves /Applications/Knights/saves

Hopefully I got the directory structure correct, because I've never used OSX.
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