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Khopesh question

It's always nice to see a Rhen Var update.

Originally Posted by Darth InSidious View Post
Haha, indeed. Unfortunately, though, I imported the wrong way round, and I was too lazy to reimport. Besides, it's a double-bladed model. You can wield it either way. >.>
I had a thought on this yet I'm afraid I'll sound like an incompetent when stating. Well here goes nothing . . .

In the game - if I recall correctly - you get some sort of penalty if you wield a sword or lightsaber in the off-hand. Would it possible to have the off-hand (left) wield the khopesh with your original pictured position and the normal (right) hand with the new pictured position as RedHawke suggested?

I imagine that a Khopesh would look perfectly at home with those Stargate skins that I've seen previously.

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