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Arrow Jkarpg - Flames of war!

JKARPG Roleplay 'Clan'

Introduction The Flames Of War

Welcome to 4200 A.B.Y, welcome to war, only it isn't an active war, its a war that couldn't continue, a war that made the once rich and plentiful galaxy shattered, begging for clemency and time to rebuild.
A hundred years of war has exhausted the Galaxy and reduced it to rubble. Old hatreds and a sense of superiority led the Sith into an invasion of the Republic only to see a stalemate take place after 70 years of total war. The stalemate continues to this day, but a hatred for force user's is swelling now that they are the Bane of the Republic...What will happen next ? Sign up and make your will reality.

JKARPG is an informal, freeform roleplay; we are focused on collaborative storytelling and character development above all else. Most importantly, JKARPG was created to draw out a certain kind of community. We named ourselves "the voice of the people," because at JKARPG are people who demand that all voices be heard, that all members have a place to be themselves and tell their stories without fear that conflicts will turn into drama, or that well-meaning administrators will turn into tyrants.

Respect, above all else, is the law of the land, especially when we disagree, and this respect should be shared equally with everyone. We built a progressive and accepting community based on this law, so if you can abide by this single rule why don't you stop by? We'd love to see you around.
Currently we have two 32 man dedicated servers running a unique mod . If you have any further questions please visit our website and a member of our staff shall be able to answer any queries you have.

Thanks for reading

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