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Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
4000 years ago, they had technology that was essentially superior to that from 4000 years in the future.
They had personal stealth generators
And later eras didn't? Off the top of my head, I can recall that Imperial saboteurs (seen in Jedi Academy), the Imperial Remnant's Shadowtroopers (seen in Jedi Outcast), and the Empire's Blackhole stormtroopers (seen in The Force Unleashed X-Box 360/PS3 versions) all possess technology more or less equivalent to the capabilities of personal stealth technology seen in the KOTOR games.

thermal detonators
You might not remember this, but Leia threatened Jabba the Hutt with a thermal detonator in Episode 6, and thermal detonators have appeared in dozens of sources set during the years before and during the reign of the Empire.

And later eras didn't? Disruptors were used by Sith officers during the New Sith Wars (source: Darth Bane: Path of Destruction), bounty hunters and other criminals regularly used disruptor rifles (sources: Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy), and disruptors were a standard infantry weapon used by Zann Consortium foot soldiers (source: Empire at War - Fources of Corruption).

and touchscreens.
Off the top of my head I can recall pilot droids on the Invisible Hand using touchscreens on the bridge in Episode III. Besides, why does whether touchscreens are used make any difference?

Some of these already existed in the original trilogy
...or all of them.

but they still hadn't perfected cloaking devices for small ships
Darth Maul's personal ship had a functional cloaking device (reference: Episode I Visual Dictionary). The starship used by Darth Vader's apprentice did as well (reference: The Force Unleashed). Later, the Empire developed several projects based around cloaking devices, one of which successfully mass-produced cloak-capable TIE starfighters (reference: Rebel Assault II - The Hidden Empire). The Empire also build two Executor-class Star Dreadnaughts with cloaking devices (references: Rebel Assault II - The Hidden Empire, Rogue Squadron III - Rebel Strike). Even the Zann Consortium criminal empire was able to field starships with cloaking capabilities (source: Empire at War - Forces of Corruption). Cloaking devices have been specified as running on stygium crystals, which were evidently only found on the planet Aeten II. The planet's stores of these crystals were neigh-completely depleted by the time the Empire rose, so that explains the rarity of cloaking devices during that era.

Yeah, a Laviathan-class ship rams the Executer. Resulting in the Executer being destroyed.
I hope that this is a jest of some kind. In case it isn't, though, bull****. During the Siege of Yavin after the first Death Star's destruction, three Imperial Star Destroyers made a hyperspace miscalculation that caused them to ram into the Executor at a faster-than-light speed. They exploded against the behemoth's shields and did no significant damage (source: Race for Survival).

How can you be sure of Executer's compliment?
By looking at the most up to date canonical sources which details the vessel's stats.

Maybe the technical manuals were wrong.
No, I'm pretty sure you just don't have any actual evidence to support your conclusion(s).

I certainly don't remember seeing a dozen laser points at any point on Executer in TESB or ROTJ.
"We don't see thousands of guns on the Executor in the movies, so they can't exist." You know what that sounds like? That sounds like the minimalist Traviss fans who insist that because the movies don't show thousands of Star Destroyers or quintillions of Separatist battle droids or quadrillions of clone troopers, then they can't possibly exist, no matter how silly that would be.

Maybe the lasers on Laviathan were ten times as powerful as those on Executer?
What reason do we have to believe or even consider this?

The point was that you can't really compare Executer to a 4000 year old ship of any kind.
You're making this far more complicated than it needs to be.

For the sake of simplicity, we can surmise for the time being that firepower levels of Old Republic-era starships are more or less the same as that of later eras, because we have no particular reason to believe otherwise; The only significant difference between technology in the two eras is that as we go further forward in the timeline, starships and other vehicles become larger and more overall powerful in design. Once that is established, the only thing we need to look at is the armament of the two vessels. The Interdictor-class? Five medium turbolasers and six point-defense lasers (source: Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide). The Executor-class? 4,000 turbolaser cannons, not counting other weapon emplacements (source:Starship Battles Preview 1 on

The entire premise of this thread is ridiculous. It's no bloody contest. The Executor could ram the Leviathan (or, indeed, any vessel from the KOTOR era) and destroy it without even needing to fire a shot.

So can you find any Cruiser/ Star Destroyer from the Kotor era that could destroy it?
No such vessels exist in the canon. Even the most powerful vessel known to be used by the Sith during and after the Jedi Civil War is dwarfed in size and firepower dozens of times over by the Empire's Imperial-class Star Destroyer, which is a dime a dozen as far as the Empire is concerned. This I learned with no more than five minutes of research on Wookieepedia. This isn't the sort of question where you need the consensus of an entire forum community to figure out the answer.

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