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Originally Posted by Riot23 View Post
Maybe there is a thing where you can help me...
With the two files of the flybrush-folder (these are the sprites when Guybrush is flying towards the camera after shooting himself to monkey island).
It's these two pictures:
Click once on each picture to get it in fullsize. They are already png with transparency (which is important).

The problem is that Guybrush is much bigger here than on the other pictures. To get the new hair on his head I had to upscale it immensly. I've sharpened it afterwards but because of the big upscale it's not really looking good.
This is what I came up with on these:
(again clicking on the picutre for fullsize)

As you see the hair is very pixelated and it doesn't fit pretty good neither.
Maybe you can do your new hair again on these two in bigger size if you find the time.
Just save it again as png with transparency if possible.
Thanks in advance.

I had a go at making the sprite look better, not perfect but I think it's an improvement at least.
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