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And as Vader says:

''The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force.''
Interesting that you mention that, when no EU source, canon or not, has ever shown the Force used to do anything more powerful than the destruction of all life on a planet. What Vader was saying was that Tarkin's overall philosophy for ruling the Empire through fear of force (see Tarkin Doctrine) was flawed, not that use of the Force is superior to technology in every instance.

However, what is curious is that if the Exile and the Mandalorions still planted those minds but never faced Nihlius, would the ship still be in operation? Because, I've read on this topic before and somebody said that Nihlius needs to be destroyed in order to blow up his ship.
No, Nihilus would very much be dead and so would his ship if they just set the bombs off and left. If Nihilus can survive the explosions of his ship being ripped apart, than slashing at his face with a lightsaber isn't going to do any good. Nihilus' power is only keeping the ship structurally intact; He isn't feeding energy into the ship's shield generators, for instance. The reason the Exile and the gang went in to kill Nihilus personally was probably because she/he wanted to make sure that he wouldn't escape.

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