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Originally Posted by Weavel View Post
How many people are willing to bet, LA WON"T take the opportunity afforded by the USE, and remake the Wii version basing it off the 360 version(with the Wii's extra levels as well) with MotionPlus support?

I would buy it, it would be a bazillion times better than the current version...
They won't because that expansion would suck. TFU for the power consoles and PC is created to be visually stunning and cool. The new expansion will feature familiar scenes, familiar enemies. And I think the battle of Hoth will be a whole less epic when the Wii can only generate two AT-ST's and a Luke Skywalker with less polygons then a Legend of Zelda Chicken.

However, I would like to see them create a patch that would feature motion plus. It's a saber game, it seems logical that better control will make it a better game.

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