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"Shayla, do you have anything to contact your mother with? We'll want to know what she's up to if we're going coordinate a counter-strike."

Shayla threw Vlad a cellphone which he grabbed from out of midair.

"Number is 255-3635. Mom says to use it only in an emergency."


Atrianna knelt down against the ground and narrowed her eyes at the mysterious sound that was now echoing through the cargo deck.

What the hell is that? Sounds like something is moving down there.

A moment later, it clicked.

I...brought down the plane...and no one checked the lower deck!

"Battle Stations! We've got company!"

A hand punched through the deck and was instantly shot off by a blast from her Tactical 12 gauge.

"They're on the plane! We have intruders on the plane!"
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