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Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity
Like it to be the truth? It is a part of society, not society on the whole. Its effects _can_ be negated and managed like any other external medium which requires being acted upon in order to have any effect. That doesn't mean parents have absolute control or that a child won't try to hide things; if you're vigilant though, then not much will get by you.

I'm not exactly sure what's the deal with the turn of phrase--would you care to explain what you meant by that???
wishful thinking

Since you seem to need it spelled out to you, I shall do it, lest you misinterpret what I said again. No, I was not at all saying that the parents should turn away from doing their job.
Oh, I think I got you quite right, however--

The "choice to turn away" is related usage of the object of indulgence.
Idea of:
situation; The object is doing harm?
solution; *Stop* using it, then.

Of course in this situation, we have kids who wouldn't choose to stop indulging (playing), so it is up to the parents to pry their childrens' hands from the controllers/keyboards/etc. when enough is enough.
It sounds so easy, doesn't it? Especially the part where I make my kids unable to use any controller/keyboard/computer outside of their home.

Firstly you weren't in the shooter's head--how would you know that? Did you actually know someone who was a school shooter?
Oh, err, then how can you know that:
People eventually realize "hey, these games might be fun but I'm not really going anywhere in my life" and decide to get up and get out.
I'd say if you gonna take that guess for "non-shooter-people", I can as well say it's true for "shooter-people".

Secondly I think you are making Columbine out to be... much more commonplace than it actually is/was.

I was an angry child. I got in nasty fights right on up to adulthood. Despite it all, though, I just really wanted to be who I was and came to realize if other people are ********ed up--that is *their* problem. Not mine. My parents had no control over how nasty other kids were to me.
Did they have control how nasty you were to other kids?

Consider that an option if you believe the school system your children go to is not adequate, and in your judgment doing real harm. You'll find a way, I've no doubt of it given the concern you've already shown.
So far I have not yet shown any 'concerns' about any school system?

Originally Posted by Achilles
Because shootin' biotches wit yo AK would seem to only have context if you have an AK. Grabbin' a perp by the collar and shoving him up against a cop car would probably only have context if I had a perp (and a cop car).

Of course, I'm only speculating...just as you are.
Odd, I thought the violence attribute would mainly focus on "shootin' biotches" and "grabbin' a perp by the collar and shoving him up against a" instead of determining product numbers and typical use of involved items.

I think the difference here is that I realize it and you don't.
how about realising my butt, fancy pants

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