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Breaking into quick action, this time Aiden ran forward and tried to find someone with a weapon. It just happened to be the same guard from earlier.

"Give me a weapon, damn it, I've got better aim than you!" Aiden said to the big burly man. The guard flinched. And handed him a pistol. The statement was undoubtedly true, however, and Aiden intended to make good on that statement.

"Thank you," said Aiden with false gratitude, and caught up to Atrianna, who was shooting some of the zombies trying to get into the plane.

Taking down one of them with a headshot, he turned to her. "What do we do now?" It was indeed a very valid question, as they were stuck aboard a plane that had likely just landed in the midst of a zombie-overrun installation. What a wonderful day this was turning out to be.
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