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I didn't want anyone to think that I've forgotten about this project. I work 40-60 hours per week,
I'm helping a friend edit/type his book, some of which must be submitted to his publisher soon &
I'm a newlywed so I don't have as much time as I'd like to have. However, rest assured that I'm
dedicated to getting this project up & running & will be devoting every spare moment that I have
to this.

Here's where we're at...
  • The webserver is up & running (it took me a little longer to get this up & running because
    I had to teach myself to install, update & run linux from the terminal).
  • The domain is registered ( There's nothing there except a generic
    HTML document at the moment (this will soon change).

Feel free to bookmark the website because it'll be updated as soon as I install a few more packages
& finish the generic CSS layout.
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