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Compatibility list for top tens and distinguished mods

I haven't played with any of the new mods and recently i am considering playing KotOR again with these new mods. So lets make a list of incompatible mods

Top Mods (As listed on
-Brotherhood of Shadow (including Solomon's revenge unless listed otherwise)
-Revan Mask+

2005 Top 10
-Carth Romance fix
-Lightsaber Forms
-Mekel Recruitment Mod
-Kamino Eugenics Mod
-Quest for tk102's birthday
-[Meck] Enter Jabba's palace
-Meet Athena (Selectable PC)
-Xia Terashai Set
-Kain sword for the Real Kain

2006 Top 10
-Bastila and Fem Revan, the Untold Love Story
-Carth's Cloths I, II, and III
-The Super Enhanced Mod
-Super Skip Taris mod
-Bastila: The Jedi Royal Guard
-Ryyk Blade
-Make Zaalbar a Jedi
-Melee Pack
- by Silveredge9
If you are

2007 Top 10
-Recruitable Kay
-Bastila Romance Enhancement
-PC Hybrid Lizards
-Yuthura Ban to Darth Talon Conversion
-Bastila Unchained
-Male Head Pack
-Ajunta Pall Unique Appearance
-mjpb3's Selene From Underworld
-Taris: Sith Planet
-Darth Bane Pack

Details can be seen at

Also a more specific question. Do any of the following mods conflict?
-Male Head Pack
-Bastila Romance Enhancement
-Brotherhood of Shadow (Original)
-Recruitable Kay
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