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Originally Posted by Gurges-Ahter View Post
I'm in this boat. It's also my first MMO, and I hated the idea that it wasn't another RPG like K1 and K2. MMO's have little appeal to me as they have a reputation for taking a lot of time (which I don't have) and lacking story (which is all I care about). Hopefully BioWare will take care of the latter concern, although there's not much that can be done about the former.

That being said I will try TOR hoping that the story is encapsulating enough to make up for the amount of time it takes and the monthly fee. That's what I'm reserving judgment for.
I cannot shake the idea that if this does not go over so well for the reason that people loathe the idea of a monthly fee, that this game may end up getting massive rennovations and wind up being ported to the next gen consoles--you provide the servers. Anything for a last ditch sale.

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