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Lightbulb Game Suggestion!

Hey everyone.
So I thought that for the guys who have played them all (By the way I am talking about mainly adventure games but you can post other ones too.) I would make a post were people can post some realy fun games that they have played. They can be any type of games but I made this with adventure games in mind but realy post anything for any system/PC and for any age group (Lets try to sway away from little kid games and lets try to keap them in the T or Higher Ratings. But if there is a realy fun rated E game you may post it.)

anyways heres how I imagined it be layed out just copy and past this and add the answeres:

Game: (The name of the game. Please give full name.)
Publisher: (Optional)
Type: (Whats the Genre? Like Adventure or FPS.)
System: (What system did you play it on? Only! the system you played the game on.)
ESBR: (For those of you who dont know this is the rating for ex. E T or M)
My Rating: (How many stars do you give it? 5 is the highest.)
My Review/ Description: (Tell us about it!)

So just type down the answeres and the questions and Click your done.

Please dont post anything but games. If you have anything extra to say please include it in the game suggestion. and anyone feal free to ask for a game suggestion. Heres how you can ask for suggestions:

Type: (The genre of the game like FPS [First person shooter] or stradegy)
System: (The console/ System.)
ESBR: (The game rating for example E E10 T M)
Question: (Ask in detail of what kind of game you want.)

Thanks and please no off topic posts.  72528
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