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Interesting. I missed this one and had listened to Ep10 first....

Imagine my surprise when I heard niner reigning the discussion in to keep it related to gaming !!

Jeff's absence was very evident, Mr Moeller is a very organised and professional fellow, and this shines through in the work he does. You cant have everyone be off the cuff and relaxed, and in this ep it began to show. You cannot use the descriptor "Free form" to try make ''disorganised'' sound cool somewhow.

Having endured Ep10... It was obvious the crew needs a much deserved break towards the end of this one. Theyve done some great work and should have left it at that. I also think its an excellent idea to have a dedicated producer/organiser, as per the advertised position. Good luck to all applicants, I dont envy you - having to deal with LFNs biggest egos celebrities all at once would be a daunting task

Also nice to hear some more Aussie representation with Gonk I think he is a personality, so I myself dont rememeber him well, but still good to hear that familair twang in the accent. Ripper!

As for achievements and the like.. being a PC gamer - we dont have to worry about such trite things. I have seen it filter through on some ported games... like Assassins Creed for example and those 'additional memories' which arent good for anything exc points in the 360 version........


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