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Originally Posted by WraithPrince View Post
I don't see how a monthly fee's a problem since the adverage game nowadays is $50 and your paying what $15 a month? your saving money for a game you'll play for more then a week.

An adverage playthrough of kotor was what mybe a week? maybe less if you had item mods. Well the adverage MMO you can play for one character for months (if you like that class) even if you play a class that your not to found about you will still play it for maybe a few weeks.

Your probably saving money not buying a whole new game every month.
I'm going to pay the monthly fee, so this isn't really my argument, but your point only holds water for avid gamers. KotOR for me took WAY more than a week. It took like 6 months. With 2 kids, a full-time job, and full-time masters program, I don't have a lot of time to dedicate to video games. TOR will charge you $15/month even if you play ZERO that month, which is very likely for someone like me.

Compare this to a normal non-MMO game where you just pay the $50 once, and it lasts at least 6-months for non-avid gamers. I don't buy a new game every month; I buy one like every couple of years.

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