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Originally Posted by WraithPrince View Post
What having a character make his own small difference in the war not a good enough story for you? what if you were a big epic hero everyone knew about that 1 manned a wohle space station and killed a dark lord that epic enough?
I guess I can't fully answer this question.

#1 - I don't really understand what you're trying to say. Your example sounds interesting but seems like it would be a small part of a larger story - like 1 scene in a movie. How all of those scenes tie together is what makes the story good.

#2 - I'm new to MMO's, so I don't fully understand how story-line works with them (only from what I've read about TOR). I know that BioWare has made a concerted effort to focus on story (making it a pillar for this MMO where it hadn't been considered before), but I also know that it wouldn't have to focus on story so much if the game were just an RPG because story is inherently a "pillar" in RPGs.

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