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honestly, setting aside the like twelve episodes (at times) where the characters get 'powered up'

like my comment that I have made before, can you blame something that is at least twenty years ago to be what it is now compared to what is currently being released today?

not to mention that maybe perhaps in the eyes of all the fans over the years (regardless of your opinion, as im sure you'll regard them as mindless morons), that the innovation of said manga and anime SINCE Dragonball and DBZ has helped push anime where it is today.

i mean come on, yeah i *could* take you're side and say that DBZ is incredibly dumb, yeah its cheezy on todays standards, and that anyone who watches it is or was dumb. (just restating here.) But then Id have to say that current anime english voice actor Johnny Yong Bouch (which I do like as an english voice actor) should be castrated and crucified because of his role in the power rangers back in it's second season.

where i think its a huge joke (the show completely), but back then I can say that because of my age THEN it was alright, i watched.

but then season three came along and i got older and THEN made fun of it ^_^

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