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"Yes i do, i prefer swords though so i may not use them as much." said Xero.

"Whoa what about my abilities? You know, running fast and jumping high like i did." said Xero quickly remembering that he had just been cured.

"Sir, if i may interject." said AIRA, "That was all me."

"You?" Xero asked.

"Yes." AIRA replied.

"So let me list them off." Xero said.

"Super speed?"


"Super Jumps?"

"Still me."

"Huh...ok so what abilities would i have had as a hybrid?" asked Xero.

"Readings indicate that your chest would have split open and tenticles would have extened from your body and you would probably mutated on a massive scale." AIRA said, "Also, I have other capabilities if you would like me to list them off."

"Huh...?" Xero started.

"Here is the list of what is left: Super strength which is what causes you to dig up the ground when you run. You can fly, but this is only recommended if you need to make a quick get away and only need to fly a short distence. You shoot liquid nitrogen from the palms of the suit which freezes on contact." she listed.

"That's it?" asked Xero.

"Yes." she replied.

"Was my dad planning on me going into a zombie war or something?" asked Xero.

"I do not know sir, there is no record of him being involved in the first incident and it is not possible to be responcible for this one. However, I am only programmed with data that he wanted you to know, you may want to ask the suvivors from the previous incident if they came in contact or encounter your father." AIRA said.

"Sam? Do you know if my father was involved in the creation of these things in the first incident? His name is Samuel Crypmaw, he was a scientist.
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