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OTHER: Being a swordsman and meleeist IRL, I simply cannot relegate to just one variant. I'd dedicate to some. But one needs know his enemy's way of fighting if one is to successfully overcome that enemy.

I'd probably have a double bladed that could just as easily become twins like Kas'im the blademaster. (Read Darth Bane: Path of Destruction) As well as a regular single (if not a Dooku).

In reserve probably rely upon others in this order: A Dooku "hooked", A pair of ventress/Vosa "curved", a couple shotos, a light "Club" saber (really large one on an enemy in Jedi Knight), and then I'd have a few Tonfas, and a lightwhip. Not primarily, though.

Mostly I'd rely interchangably upon my Twin-to-double with regular single action for when I needed a balance of force powers, after all I need to know how my opposite fights. I can go from practicality, to all out deadly as I please--if I must.

Plus these allow innovation and variation with maximum defense and deadliness with affinity for the force. For the most part, though, I am a Guardian type. I'd learn all 7 saber forms and the 3 main saber variants. Force forms, I'd go with Channel and Affinity.

Also: the determination and intent of the weilder will also control how fast one learns and masters a form. "Doing it properly, learning a new form should be as though you had not learned it at all. There is no "special technique". Just how well you can apply what you have." --Darrel Max Craig Kendo/Kenjuitsu master.

"Execution of technique at its best is just simply an act and should be as though second nature if you have put the time in; like breathing should require little to no thought. The wielder should be as one with his own weapon. For every parry a riposte, and every riposte a parry; if we do this we shall not fail." Captain "Lysander Griffing" fencing master of SCA

BTW the "One normal; One Short" variant Kavar uses is based IRL on the Samurai variant with katanas that famous japanese swordsman Miyamoto Musashi invented.

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