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Well in the context of KOTOR, I tend to favor the saberstaff, especially after I get the Heart of the Guardian and Mantle of the Force. That allows for you to take advantage of one crystal for two blades.

In TSL, I favor two blades all around because you have upgrades in addition to more crystals which enhance your stats. More crystal options means greater attribute potential.

Either way, there were many more lightsaber options available than just the top three you get in KOTOR and Jedi Knight. Although many of these are just modified versions of the standard saber, I just find the traditional saber that Vader uses boring. One of my favorite shots with lightsabers is when Starkiller is about to confront his master with that Shien form grip against Vader igniting his saber as everyone else does.

I suppose that I make this poll not so much for KOTOR, but Star Wars in general. No saber fight was ever like Maul with his saberstaff because it was more elaborate and complex to fight with. No single-saber fights were ever done that well.

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